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Chief Operating Officer

“The Evolve suite of software tools has significantly enhanced our operational efficiency and played a crucial role in mitigating risk across our enterprise. The adaptability and user-friendliness of the system have ensured that, irrespective of changes within our business, our operational capabilities continue to thrive. This steadfast efficiency, alongside the software's risk mitigation features, underscores the value that Evolve brings to our organisation's continuous success.”

Adriana Sheedy, FleetPartners

“The return on investment for me – it’s not a traditional contract – just pure partnership. I’m not looking for vendors, I’m looking for partners and our relationship with Evolve is a win for us.”

Peter Kelly, Simonds

“I have recommended them to our stakeholders because Evolve touches our whole business and everyone is more than happy.”

Damien Osborn, Metlink Victoria
Chief Customer Officer

“Evolve is a pivotal strategic partner to Custom Fleet, delivering solutions that span a wide range of our business areas. These solutions empower us to offer a more seamless customer experience while simultaneously boosting our internal efficiency. Coupled with the added benefit of risk mitigation, Evolve truly serves as an all-encompassing hub to foster Customer Centric outcomes.”

Anthony Aboud, Custom Fleet

“Evolve stands out as a key partner for us, offering practical solutions that truly improve how we operate and serve our customers. Their tools are intuitive and easily adapt to our evolving business needs, ensuring we stay efficient and effective. With Evolve, we also have peace of mind around risk management, which lets us focus on growth and innovation. They're not just a provider; they're a part of our team, helping us succeed in a fast changing industry.”

Andrew Rickett, Motopool

What is Evolve Fleet Management Software Solution?

It is the leading solution in operational cost reduction for businesses managing vehicle fleets. Our platform encompasses the majority of fleet vehicles across the country, integrating data from government sources, manufacturers, and registration authorities.

Our systems leverage advanced automation and machine learning to optimise numerous facets of vehicle management, ensuring a risk-free and efficient fleet operation.


Our cutting-edge OCR and image recognition technology automates the identification of vehicles and fines, ensuring the most effective management of penalties to mitigate corporate risk.

The Evolve system will diminish 80% of the workload from the first day in handling any infringement or image recognition tasks associated with vehicle identification, straight out of the box. It streamlines the process of reassigning fines, transferring liability to the actual drivers.

Furthermore, it empowers you to oversee driver conduct, ensuring their capability to drive safely. It enables the elimination of physical paperwork from your office, thereby removing the risk of incurring substantial fines due to multiple or failed transfers of driver responsibility.

Avoid the accrual of interest on unpaid fines and prevent the unwelcome scenario of law enforcement arriving at your premises to demand payment for an outstanding $50,000 fine.

Evolve Accounts Payable Automation is what accounts payable should be - smart, intuitive software that works out of-the-box from day one. Our software learns and understands your accounts payable invoices. It can allocate accounts, processes and stores your payables removing the need for any manual intervention. More importantly, it eliminates processing errors and vendor mistakes, reduces risk all while increasing compliance and streamlining approvals into the bargain.

The best bit? It saves you and your staff time and money so you can redirect both of those valuable assets to where they’re needed most, helping to further create business growth.

Our Evolve Accounts Payable Automation solution is constantly evolving (no pun..) so there’s always improvements and enhancements that we will roll out periodically and continue to support. We take care of that, so you can take care of business.

Drawing on data from state governments and pertinent regulatory authorities, Evolve has developed a comprehensive, exception-based registration management system that eliminates 90% of daily administrative tasks in fleet management. Our automated validation solution helps to identify and track unregistered vehicles in your fleet which substantially reduces your risk.

Experience unparalleled ease in fleet management with our automated vehicle registration renewal service, spanning across all Australian states. Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking renewal dates and navigating through various state regulations. Our service seamlessly integrates with state systems, ensuring your fleet remains compliant, operational, and free from the risk of penalties associated with lapsed registrations. Embrace efficiency and peace of mind, knowing that your vehicles are road-legal and ready for business, allowing you to focus on driving your company forward.

Discover the future of fleet management with the Evolve Dealer Portal, an innovative solution transforming vehicle procurement and fleet handling. This cutting-edge platform offers a seamless, frictionless experience, enabling fleet managers to effortlessly interact with dealers online. Say goodbye to endless phone calls and cluttered emails – our portal ensures streamlined communication with a digital audit trail for unrivalled transparency and accountability. Our robust document management system is designed for precision and ease, allowing for the separate uploading of documents and photos. This feature is especially useful for maintaining detailed records and providing photographic evidence during vehicle inspections, ensuring a meticulous understanding of your fleet's condition. With features like real-time status updates, comprehensive order tracking, and two-way data integration, managing your fleet has never been more efficient. Elevate your procurement strategy with our optional vehicle tendering module, designed to secure the best prices from your network of dealers. The Evolve Dealer Portal is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive gateway to smarter, faster, and more cost-effective fleet management decisions.

Our software solution streamlines the recall process, facilitating swift resolution and leading to considerable reductions in administrative expenses. Regardless of your fleet's size, reaching out to every driver is a daunting and often costly task. Let our software handle it efficiently for you.

Evolve are a completely agnostic and open organisation, starting as an integrations firm many decades ago. Our beating heart still lives here – to provide integration expertise to those that need it. To-date we have integrated into many – if not all – of the large fleet ERP and finance solutions on the planet.

If you are having trouble with integrating your fleet software into such 3rd -party applications, contact us, we will get it done.

In our dealings with plugging into multiple systems, companies, and government agencies, we have the largest stockpile of vehicle data. Presently we are working towards making this data available for those who need it when they need it.

Contact us for self-service, easy access to key vehicle information and new methods of understanding the operational mechanics of your fleet management.

Stay Ahead with Evolve Vehicle Recalls

Immediate Notifications, Zero Delays: Why wait for weeks when you can be ahead of the curve? With the Evolve Vehicle Recalls solution, you're always in the know. Receive instant email notifications about Vehicle Safety Recalls impacting your fleet within just 24 hours of publication. That's up to 6 weeks faster than waiting for a manufacturer's letter!

Automated for Your Convenience: Forget manual checks and missed updates. Our state-of-the-art communications workflow ensures you're always informed, keeping your fleet safe, compliant, and on the move.

Protect Your Fleet, Protect Your Business: In the fast-paced world of fleet management, every second counts. Don't let recalls slow you down. Trust in Evolve, and drive with confidence.

Who is it for?

Our fleet and automotive solutions are tried and tested and forged through numerous vehicle practices. We’ve been running for over 10 years in fleets of all sizes and we haven’t skipped a beat. The system is designed to be completely tailored to your needs at your command.

We don’t licence via user levels, we make it a simple cost that you can attribute per vehicle, per year, so that your operational overhead doesn’t limit the scalability of your business. Anyone who is looking to make their business more scalable without more overhead needs an Evolve system at their helm.

How does it help business’?

Our software is so closely aligned to the different value propositions of businesses who run a fleet of vehicles, on day one we will optimise the management and administration processes that are essential in keeping a fleet safe. It makes a perfect audit-trail for inspection or government bodies and it virtually eliminates the chance for fleet fines, de-registrations or actions that could damage your name in a business-sense.

We have built unparalleled fleet & automotive systems that can be customised to your requests. Think of it as artificial intelligence, backed by good old fashioned human intelligence, with connections into the government processes that require compliance for your business' administration.

Evolve Fleet and Automotive management is infinitely flexible and scalable.
Our state-of-the-art software can save thousands of administrative hours in fleet management annually.
Licence plate-management ensures all your vehicles are always compliant so there’s no surprise fines.
The all in one exception-based registration management system removes 90% of the day-to-day management tasks within fleet management registration compliance.
We are renowned for our integration with leading names in fleet management, including Miles, Bynx, Drive, and Fleetio, among others. Our expertise extends to custom platforms, making us proficient fleet and financial systems integrators.
Unparalleled access to data within fleet databases so you’ve got the latest information at your fingertips whenever you need it.

How we've solved Fleet and Automotive Management

Fleet And Automotive Management Can Be Exhaustive
Information At Your Fingertips When The Sheriff Comes A-Knocking
Add A Little Offset For Your Fleet
Scalability and Transparency
Fleet And Automotive Management Can Be Exhaustive

In the past the only way you could scale a fleet from 5,000 to 10,000 to 50,000, to 100,000 to 1,000,000 was by throwing staff at the operational elements. Evolve have optimised that so that with one staff member you should be able to manage hundreds of thousands of vehicles without a blip on the radar. The way our systems work is to take something from the real world, covert it to the data with a little bit of human oversight, turn that data into an action that exercises your obligation as a Fleet Manager, contact who needs to be contacted then finalise the task and put a perfect audit trail in place so that no one can ever question you’ve done what needed to be done.

Information At Your Fingertips When The Sheriff Comes A-Knocking

If you’ve ever had the problem of a de-registered vehicle or an infringement gone awry, you’ll know that once the Sherriff comes knocking you really don’t have anything to do other than pay them. Whenever this has happened at an Evolve business, they simply login into our system, show them the audit trail of what’s happened to the service and they go back and investigate without costing you a cent. The system is so simply searchable and keeps everything for posterity permanently in an audited, Microsoft machine Cloud, that you’d never have to worry about not knowing about what’s been going on in your fleet again.

Add A Little Offset For Your Fleet

Usually a heavily paper-dependant process, the Evolve system allows almost seamless connection to gov’t agencies by either scanning, emailing or data upload of fines, registration data, payments slips or notifications. Rather than having to run into the office or buy all of your staff printers over lockdowns and remote working, the Evolve system will forward, connect and replace all the information in a simple user interface that can be used on an iPad while someone is lying on the beach, if they have to. The system is designed to make managing your interaction with state and statutory bodies as convenient as an app on your iPhone. The best thing about it is you never see a piece of paper again if you don’t want to.

Scalability and Transparency

Don’t limit your business by how many staff you can maintain, have a system that can scale to your hearts content. Evolve’s systems are designed so that they are a price per vehicle per year model. A very simple overhead that is on-chargeable to clients or on demand to clients, so that people aren’t paying for what they don’t use. Turn your administration and operational teams into a profit centre, by functionalising an Evolve system and on-charging the customer for on demand management that’s managed by a machine rather than the number of staff you can throw at it. It’s that simple, transparent pricing that is consistent and take away all of the heart ache.

For companies who want Fleet Management delivered through flexibility, simplicity and support, Evolve’s solution is;

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How are we different?

Proudly Australian owned and built
Most rapid feature release cycle in the market
Flexible billing arrangements
Fastest timeline for delivery in the market
Highly customisable to your processes
Who is Evolve?

As a SAAS product development company, we have a proud and proven history of creating application and systems since 2004 that deliver nothing short of excellence and total customer satisfaction.

In the world of business, it’s a jungle out there. Data is critical to making the right decision at the right time. That’s where we come in. We’ve got your back.

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